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The Tech-Savvy Athlete: How MLB Star Trevor May is Using YouTube to Expand his Fan Base

You may know Trevor May from his professional career as a baseball player, pitching for the Athletics. However, you may not know that in addition to his talents on the field, May has also made a name for himself off the field through his use of YouTube.

May began his YouTube channel in 2016, and since then has built a strong following by sharing his personal journey as a baseball player, as well as his interests in gaming and technology. He uses the platform to connect with fans and share his unique perspective on life as a professional athlete.

One of the ways in which May has leveraged YouTube to increase his impact off the field is through his charitable efforts. In 2019, he organized a gaming event called "Mayday for Mental Health" which raised over $20,000 for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He also uses his YouTube channel to raise awareness about mental health in the baseball community and encourage others to speak out about their own struggles.

In addition to his charitable efforts, May also uses YouTube to share his love of baseball, technology and gaming. He often streams himself playing video games, and also shares his thoughts on the latest baseball technology trends. This has helped him to connect with a younger audience and expand his fan base beyond just baseball fans.

Trevor May is a great example of how professional athletes can use YouTube to increase their impact off the field. By leveraging the platform to connect with fans, raise awareness for important causes, and share his personal interests, May has been able to build a strong and dedicated community of supporters that will last long after his game. If you are a professional athlete looking to do the same, Goodwolf Atlantic is here to help. With our expertise in digital media, branding, and talent marketing we can help you build a strong online presence and connect with fans in a meaningful way. Let's work together to take your impact to the next level.

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