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Life After Sports: How Tom Brady Set a New Standard for Athletes Everywhere

Tom Brady is a true icon in the world of professional football. With seven Super Bowl victories, four Super Bowl MVP awards, and numerous records and accolades to his name, he is widely considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. But what sets Brady apart from many other professional athletes is his astute understanding of the importance of planning for life after sports. Through smart investments and brand building, Brady is positioning himself for success long after he retires from the gridiron.

In 2010, Brady made the decision to take stock options in Under Armour instead of signing an endorsement deal. This decision paid off tremendously, as the shares of the company have risen over 800% since. This investment has made Brady's portfolio even stronger, and is a prime example of how athletes can secure their financial future through smart investments.

Brady also co-founded Autograph, a collectible company that helps athletes monetize their brand. This company has been highly successful, with a current valuation of $700 million, giving Brady's stake in the company a net worth in the millions.

In 2021, Brady created the Brady Brand alongside Jens Grede, the mastermind behind Kim Kardashian's $1.6 billion Skims brand. This fitness program, known as the TB12 Method, does over $20 million in sales a year, further solidifying Brady's brand and earning potential.

Additionally, Brady is set to make even more money as an NFL announcer. He has signed a 10-year deal with Fox for a whopping $375 million, further proving the value of his brand and financial savvy.

It's important for other athletes to follow in Tom Brady's footsteps and consider their post-career options early on. By investing in themselves and building their personal brand, athletes can secure their financial future and set themselves up for success beyond their playing days. Whether it's through investing in stocks, starting a business, or creating a brand, there are many opportunities for athletes to protect and grow their wealth.

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