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Establish Brand Loyalty Through Content

In the building industry, referrals are the lifeblood for many. Word of mouth is one of the most reliable forms of new business acquisition out there. Think about it, if somebody that you know and trust refers you to a new product or service, would you go anywhere else? Likely not.

Referrals will always carry a lot of weight, undoubtedly. But in an ever-growing digital marketplace, businesses must find alternative methods of growth to help stay relevant and competitive.

What is content marketing?

When you think content marketing, think value. This strategy is an approach focused on creating and distributing content that your audience will benefit from seeing. It’s easy to get into the habit of “sell, sell, sell.” But instead of going directly to the consumer and asking for their business, you’re playing the role of educator and providing immense value.

Plain and simple, the key to gaining the trust and business of your target market is through content marketing. By positioning your business as a familiar and trustworthy entity within the industry, potential clients will have no reservations when hiring you.

Here’s why...

Content marketing shows off your industry expertise

Social media gives businesses the platform to share insights with their audience like never before. Use your content as an opportunity not only to share your services, but also to educate people on significant matters relevant to these services. Taking the time to inform consumers proves that your attention goes far beyond a sale or contract.

Let’s take a look at Suzie, a real estate agent, for example. Suzie loves working with homebuyers and would like to pick up more buyers. So, Suzie decides to put out a new video every week on her social channels revolving around the home buying process, including “The Steps to Buying a House.”, “How to Get Pre-Approved.”, “How to Buy in a Seller’s Market.” and so on.

Suzie is putting her face and brand in front of a broad audience on social media. More importantly, she’s providing valuable information to these individuals; value is everything because value builds trust. Suzie intends to be a resource for individuals in their home buying process by answering any potential questions they may have upfront. It’s not likely that people would go anywhere else besides Suzie at this point.

Be like Suzie!

Content marketing helps share your brand’s voice and story

Content marketing puts your company in the driver’s seat for how the intended audience will perceive your brand. Don’t let this opportunity fall by the wayside; use content to share your brand’s values with your audience. Show your face, share your voice, and let consumers see who you really are.

This point is a separator between you and the competition, especially in the ever-competitive industries like construction and real estate. Strong brand design is excellent, but it can only take you so far. Putting a face with the brand will help take your brand recognition to another level because, fact of the matter is, people are more prone to do business with somebody that they know.

It can work in the form of a video that goes into your companies roots and mission. Or a short- form video that simply introduces the members of your team. The important thing is making an effort to show the personable side of your brand.

Content marketing isn’t just for those trying to become an established name in the industry; those who are more established can also benefit from it. Maybe you’re sparking interest in a potential client, or reminding a past client why they decided to work with you in the first place. Are you looking for an impactful content marketing strategy? Give us a shout, and we’ll show you how we can implement a strategized content calendar to establish trust and credibility in your marketplace.

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